I am Mrs. Best.  I have been teaching for 11 years in Anoka-Hennepin, and I LOVE my job!  I graduated from Augsburg College (GO AUGGIES!) with a bachelor's degree in Elementary and Science Education, and I graduated with my Master's of Arts in Education degree from St. Mary's University.  My passion is introducing and igniting student interest in the fascinating world of STEM education.

    My husband and I live in Champlin, MN with our two boys and dog, Gizmo.  We love to go camping, playing board games, spend time with our friends and family, and pontooning on the lake at our family cabin north of Grand Rapids, MN.  

    Parents and guardians, thank you for supporting STEM learning and exposing your student to a wide variety of STEM related fields.  I am excited to work with your student and to watch them grow in their STEM skills.  Learning about STEM is incredibly important in our current world!  If you have questions about how STEM can help impact your student's future, please let me know!  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you have.



    Project Lead The Way (PLTW-DSF)


    PLTW is a rigorous  “hands-on” engineering-based program that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into the same course. The PLTW DSF course is a yearlong class for both 7th and 8th grades that meets every other day.



    Design and Modeling: Students will learn and apply the design process, measurement, sketching, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and basic drawing skills.



    Science of Technology: Students will trace the history and development of various technologies, and learn how scientific concepts led to the development of those technologies. Chemistry and physics concepts are studied as they apply to manufacturing, environmental sciences, and nanotechnology.



    Flight & Space: The major focus of this unit is to expose students to the fields of aeronautics, aerospace engineering and related areas of study through hands-on activities & computer simulations.



  • Christine Best
    7th & 8th Grade PLTW-DSF
    Jackson Middle School
    6000 109th Ave N. Champlin, MN 55316
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