In accoScience Overview rdance with the Minnesota State Standards for Science, the Sixth Grade Science topics will be broken down as such:

    First Trimester:

    *  Introduce the Practice of Science-Scientific Method and Inquiry Skills
    *  Interactions of Science- Measurement and Metric Conversions
    *  States of Matter– Density, dissolving, physical properties and changes
    *  Process of Engineering Design process, engineered systems, advantages/disadvantages to technology

    Second Trimester:

    *  Forms of Energy– properties of waves, transfer of energy

    *  Engineering with Energy– engineering systems, product comparisons

    *  Continuing the Practice of Science - Scientific Method and Inquiry skills

    Third Trimester:

    *  Motion – speed and graphing speed and motion

    *  Forces – balanced/unbalanced, mass vs. weight, contact/distance force
    *  Engineering – process, risks and benefits, past failures, product design
    *  Continuing the Practice of Science - Scientific Method and Inquiry skills

    ***At the end of each trimester, there will be a district final exam given, encompassing the topics discussed/covered during that trimester.***

    Students will be learning about the above concepts through classwork, conducting experiments to gather information, and projects. They will work independently and in groups. 


    Grading in this class will be based upon classwork, homework, notes, quizzes, tests, participation, and preparedness.
    Safety is very important in my class. Listed below are the Science Safety Rules:
    1. No horseplay or fooling around.
    2. Listen to, read, and follow all instructions.
    3. Do not try your own procedure unless approved by the teacher.
    4. Leave equipment alone until it is time for the lab to begin.
    5. No projectiles- throwing objects of any kind or water
    6. Report all broken equipment to the teacher.
    7. Do not clean up broken glass. Let the teacher know and she will clean it up.
    8. Follow specific safety precautions presented at the beginning of each lab.