• The major outcomes of the mathematics department are:

    Advanced Mathematics
    • Become proficient problem solvers using a variety of strategies
    • Apply appropriate mathematical skills to real world situations
    • Effectively communicate mathematical learning 
    Geometry (H)
    • Logical reasoning and geometric proofs
    • Plane and solid geometric figures
    • Coordinate geometry 
    Intermediate Algebra (H)
    • Applications of linear functions
    • Quadratic functions
    • Properties of exponents
    • Polynomial functions 
    • Solution of equations
    • Linear functions
    • Properties of exponents 
    Middle School Pre-Algebra
    • Problem solving and reasoning skills
    • Fractions, decimals, percents
    • Readiness for algebra concepts: equations, expressions, ratio, rate
    • Data representations, probability and statistics
    • 2 – and 3 – Dimensional figures 
    Intermediate Pre-Algebra
    • Application of integers, fractions, decimals and percents
    • Evaluate expressions and solve one-step equations with variables and rational numbers
    • Proportional reasoning
    • Applications of probability and data representation
    • 2- and 3-Dimensional figures