• Welcome to Minnesota Studies.  I am very excited to start this new, exciting curriculum with all of you.  We will cover a variety of topics on Minnesota as well as mapping skills and current events.  The students will have access to a textbook in class, they may check one out in the media center, and they will have some access to the book online.  Please check your student's grade weekly on A-H Connect to see their progress in class.  


    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your student and watch their growth. Together we can help your student achieve success! 



    Ms. Lynn Roberts

    6th Grade-Minnesota Studies

    Jackson Middle School

    6000 109th Ave N




  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 Minnesota Studies Minnesota Studies
     Period 2 Prep Prep
     Period 3 Minnesota Studies Minnesota Studies
     Period 4 PLC/CT Time Lunch Duty
     Period 5 Minnesota Studies  Minnesota Studies 
     Period 6 Minnesota Studies Minnesota Studies
     Period 7 Minnesota Studies Minnesota Studies