• Special Education

    Welcome to the Special Education Department here at Jackson. We have a rather large department with 13 teachers and 24 paraprofessionals. We are really quite a close-knit group, and we consider our students part of our family.

    A continuum of special education services are available for students who have a disability as defined by criteria established by the Department of Education and who demonstrate the need for special education and related services.

    A special education case manager will team with parents and regular education teachers in developing an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Your Special Education Case Manager will be working with your student throughout the school year. In addition to working with you in the development of your student's IEP (Individual Education plan), your case manager will be serving as an advocate for your student. Please feel free to contact your case manager for any resources that you and your student may need.

    You can expect your student's case manager to:

    • Coordinate and facilitate the IEP meetings so that all relevant areas are reviewed.

    • Write the IEP, with input obtained at the IEP meeting from members of the team, including yourself and your student.

    • Notify mainstream and support teachers each term as to what your child's disability is and what modifications are outlined in the IEP.

    • Advocate for your student if modifications and services written in the IEP are not being followed.

    • Monitor goals and objectives during each term of the school year.

    • Assist your student with registration for next year's classes.

    • Facilitate re-evaluation meetings.


    You can expect your student's mainstream teachers and support teachers to:

    • Make modifications and accommodations as written in the IEP.

    • Keep track of your student's progress in their class.

    • Be available by email or phone if you have questions about class assignments, requirements or your student's progress. Most teachers are willing to speak to parents directly, or via email, to talk about the progress of your student or potential problems in their class.


    Please do not hesitate to contact your case manager or the JMS Special Education Lead, Melissa Schad, with your questions or concerns. We're looking forward to a fabulous year working with you and your student!

    ***Case Managers will be assigned this summer, and you will receive a letter with their contact information on it in August. Thanks! ***