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    My name is Barry Boevers and this is my 22nd year at Jackson Middle School.  Prior to starting at JMS in 1998, I was the the Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Football Coach at Hamline University for five years.  In all, I have been involved in education since 1988.
    My family has long been dedicated to education.  My grandfather, George Boevers, has an elementary school named for him in the Tulsa (OK) Union School District.  My grandmother, Zona Stunkard, was a long time kindergarten teacher.  My parents both spent time in the class room as teachers.  My mother Barbara was an elementary teacher and my father Charles taught at Brainerd Technical College.  In all,  I have three aunts and uncles that were career educators.  It is also exciting to see the tradition carry on as I have two nieces and a nephew that are currently teaching.  My oldest daughter is in her last, year of college at Bemidji State University and is going into Elementary Education.
    In my spare time, I enjoy bowhunting, fishing, coaching baseball and spending time with the family.
    It should also be noted all three kids in the picture have now all gone through Jackson Middle School.  My daughter is now pursuing a teaching degree at Bemidji State University, my oldest son is in college at North Dakota State and my youngest son attends Champlin Park High School.
    We are looking forward toward the upcoming school year.  If you ever need to contact me, please refer to my contact information.
    Me and the kids at Boevers Elementary in Tulsa, OK  

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    Barry Boevers
    Physical Education Teacher
    Jackson Middle School
    6000  109th Ave N, Champlin, MN  55316
  • Teaching Schedule:
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     Period 1 Prep Prep
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     Period 3 7th Grade Physical Education 7th Grade Physical Education
     Period 4 7th Grade Physical Education 7th Grade Physical Education
     Period 5 7th Grade Physical Education 7th Grade Physical Education
     Period 6 6th Grade Physical Education 6th Grade Physical Education
     Period 7 7th Grade Physical Education 7th Grade Physical Education