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    Playing a musical instrument is great for your brain.  Studies upon studies agree that playing a musical instrument makes connections between math, science reading, and emotions which make you learn faster and become a problem solver.  Not only that, but music is fun!  It connects hard work, dedication and diligence and provides a wonderful opportunity to perform and demonstrate our progress.  Any student can be a musician and Jackson's Bands and Orchestras are living proof.  Our music staff are dedicated and enthusiastic teachers with a combined 135 years of experience!
    I have been teaching music for 30 years and have loved every moment with every student and every ensemble.  I started my journey as a 4 year piano player performing for grandparents and cousins.  As a 7th grader I started my first band instrument, clarinet, and quickly added saxophone and flute.  My undergraduate degree (Western Illinois University) is a BA in Music Education, where I learned to play the brass and percussion instruments.  My graduate degree (St. Scholastica College) is MA in Arts Curriculum Development.  The string instruments have been my newest addition to the arsenal of instruments.  I feel privileged to have taught thousands of instrumentalists through the years and I look forward to continuing my journey of connecting students to band and orchestra.

    2017-2018 Concert and Combined Rehearsal Dates:


    6th Grade Band:    Concert Attire is black pants and white shirt
    Rehearsal   December 12   (Group A)       3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    Rehearsal   December 13    (Group B)      3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    CONCERT   December 18    (Group A)       6:30 p.m.         Lower Gym      
    CONCERT   December 18    (Group B)       7:45 p.m.         Lower Gym     
    Rehearsal    March 27         (woodwinds)   3:15 - 4:15       Room P701 
    Rehearsal    March 28         (brass)           3:15 - 4:15       Room P701
    CONCERT    March 29         (ALL)              7:30 p.m.         CPHS Field House     
    Rehearsal    May 14           (Group A)        3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    Rehearsal    May 15            (Group B)       3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    CONCERT    May 17            (Group A)        6:30 p.m.         Lower Gym       
    CONCERT    May 17            (Group B)        7:45 p.m.         Lower Gym       
    7th Grade Band:    Concert Attire is black pants and BLUE or GREEN shirt (solid color) 
    Rehearsal     December 7     (ALL)         3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    CONCERT     December 11    (ALL)        7:00 p.m.          CPHS Auditorium  
    Rehearsal     March 22          (ALL)        3:15 - 4:15        Room P701
    CONCERT      March 29         (ALL)         7:30 p.m.         CPHS Field House  
    Rehearsal     May 29             (ALL)         3:15 - 5:05       Room P701
    CONCERT      May 31            (ALL)         7:00 p.m.          Lower JMS Gym 
    Tami Lyons
    6th and 7th Grade Band
    6000 - 109th Ave. N.
    Champlin, MN  55316
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 7th Grade Woodwinds 7th Grade Percussion
     Period 2 Professional Learning Community   Prep
     Period 3 6th Grade Saxophones   7th Grade Saxophones
     Period 4 6th Grade Flutes  STUDY HALL
     Period 5 7th Grade Woodwinds 7th Grade Woodwinds
     Period 6 6th Grade Clarinets 6th Grade Trombones
     Period 7 PREP 7th Grade Brass

    Common Formative Assessments (50% of Overall Grade) 

    Students will "play for a grade" 8-10 times per trimester.  Most CFAs are 20 points.  The expectation is to have each student demonstrate understanding of learning targets that are assigned for each playing exam.  (Ex - correct notes, correct rhythms, posture, articulations, etc)  For most of these CFAs, students will originally play with a small group.  If the learning targets are clearly demonstrated by individual students within the group, they will earn 20 out of 20 points and retesting is not needed.  If one or more students within the group did not demonstrate proficiency, the individual student(s) will be required to retest.  Retesting is recommended to occur within a week of the original exam, however retesting will be accepted until the end of the trimester.  Retesting is allowed the last few minutes of the class, before school, advisory, or electronically.  7th Grade students are required to demonstrate understanding of SCALES each trimester (1st trimester - 6 major (played one at a time) and 1 chromatic with printed music, 2nd trimester - 6 major (played 3 at a time) and 1 extended chromatic memorized, 3rd trimester - all scales memorized and played at same time.
    Daily Rehearsal Etiquette and Concert Performance (30% of Overall Grade)
    Students earn 2 points per day for rehearsing with their hourly ensemble.  Daily rehearsal with the ensemble is an integral part of music performance and a necessity for continual growth as an individual musician.  If a student does not have their personal instrument, the student will receive 0 points for the class.  Exceptions are made for instruments that are being repaired.  Concert performances are 15 points and combined rehearsals are 10 points.
    Practice Times (10% of Overall Grade)
    7th Grade students are required to practice 90 minutes (outside of class time) per week for an "A".  The practice charts are due bi-weekly and should be turned into the basket inside MPT6 door or personally into Mrs. Lyons' hands.  Each chart needs to be signed by a parent.
    6th Grade students are required to practice 120 minutes (outside of class time) per week for an "A".  The practice charts are stapled on the inside cover of the student's book.  Each week needs to be signed by a parent.  The student will verbally turn-in the practice minutes at the beginning of each week.
    Common Summative Assessment (10% of Overall Grade)
    Students will be assessed on a district wide test at the conclusion of each trimester.