• Goal of the ESL Program at JMS
    The primary goal of the ESL Program is to help students to use U.S. academic English, understand the culture of U.S. schools, and be successful learners.

    In our program, students will understand:

    English is used to communicate for a variety of purposes in social, cultural and academic settings.
    English language strategies support academic achievement in content areas.
    English language mastery requires proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    Who qualifies for the ESL Program at JMS?
    A student should be assessed for the ESL program if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

    The student first learned a language other than or in addition to English.
    The family uses a language other than or in addition to English in the home.
    Someone who cares for the student speaks a language other than or in addition to English.

    Students will be assessed on their reading, writing, and speaking skills in U.S. English.

    Who is responsible for teaching English Learners?

    Most English Learners receive the majority of their instruction in mainstream classrooms.

    ESL teachers provide support in a variety of ways depending on student need. Some of these are:

    Working with students in mainstream classes.
    Teaching English Language Development classes. 
    Teaching sheltered English language classes.

    How do students leave the ESL program?

    A student must show proficiency in English by:

    Being successful in their mainstream classes.
    Meeting or exceeding expectations on Minnesota state tests.