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    Hi there! My name is Mr. Walls and I have been teaching at Jackson Middle school since 2017. It has been so wonderful so far as I have got to meet such compassionate and driven staff members at this school! We are all truly there for you. With that said, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.


    While in Norway..  


    In 2107, I graduated from college at Bethel University, got married, accepted my first job at Jackson all within one short week! Since then I have coached soccer and tennis here, worked with multiple after school activities, started my own tutoring business, and lastly, finished my Master's degree at Bethel University, Master's of Education. Needless to say, since graduating, life has been really busy and wonderfully challenging, but I would not have wanted it any other way! Growth happens in challneging times. I am not originally from Minnesota and do not carry its accent, but I might carry another from time to time. I spent most of young life growing up in Texas so if you see a “y'all” in an email from time to time, you will know why. Texas will always have a place in my heart, especially the beautiful sunsets and weather!


     Texas Sunset


    To dive more into my passions in life, it’s safe to say I am extremely driven to have an enormous impact in the people I interact with every day. I think it is so amazing that I get paid to teach, motivate, and cultivate students to be hard working, caring, and passionate people as well. I hardly see it as a job! It is a dream of mine to have students reflect later on in life about this one math teacher they had in middle school and the impact he had on not only their education but their life.


    If you only get one thing from this short biography, I hope it is an understanding that I will do all I can to work with you and your student and help support them to reach their full potential this year, all while enjoying the process!




    Grade 7 Intermediate Pre-Algebra

    Jackson Middle School

    6000 109th Ave N, Champlin, MN



    (763) 506-5287

  • Teaching Schedule:


      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 Intermediate Pre-Algebra Math Prep (Block) Intermediate Pre-Algebra Math Prep (Block)
     Period 2 Teaching Prep Teaching Prep
     Period 3 Intermediate Pre-Algebra Intermediate Pre-Algebra
     Period 4 Intermediate Pre-Algebra Intermediate Pre-Algebra
     Period 5 Collaborative Team Time Collaborative Team Time
     Period 6 Intermediate Pre-Algebra Intermediate Pre-Algebra
     Period 7 Intermediate Pre-Algebra Intermediate Pre-Algebra