• Hello and Welcome to ELA 7 with Ms. Dorn!

    I hope you all had as lovely a summer as I did :)
    I suppose I'll start with a little about myself.  I grew up pretty near Jackson, but went to Andover and Anoka schools.  I graduated from Anoka High School in 2008 and from Concordia College in 2012.  Go Cobbers!  I'm actually licensed in both Elementary Education and Middle School Communication Arts, but to be completely honest, I am beyond thrilled I get to be working with all of you here at Jackson.  I substitute taught in Anoka Hennepin Schools for about three years before accepting a fulltime position here at JMS last year.  This will be my second year at Jackson, and I am thrilled to get started with a whole new crop of kiddos :)

    Hopefully I can adequately express how much I love teaching ELA.  Throughout my life, reading has always been one of my greatest passions.  Whether I'm curled up with a blanket and a classic like The Hobbit, rereading a popular series like Harry Potter or Alex Rider, or keeping up with the latest issues of Lumberjanes and Ms. Marvel, I truly believe reading is utterly fantastic.  I also spend a good bit of my time writing, spending time with my friends, and watching Star Wars as often as possible.  I also have a huge appreciation for both comic books and superheroes!  Hawkeye will always be the best, though Captain Marvel, Shadowcat, and Captain America come pretty close too!

    Fun Facts You May Not Know:
    - Hippos sweat red.
    - Only female mosquitoes bite you.
    - A group of ravens is called "an unkindness."
    - An eleven year old girl gave the dwarf planet Pluto it's name.
    Kirsten Dorn
    Grade 7/ELA
    Jackson Middle School
    6000 109th Ave N
    Champlin, MN 55316
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