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Below is a list of teachers with classroom pages. If a teacher you're looking for is not on this list, it simply means that they don't use the web as a communication vehicle for their class(es) at this time. Please click "directory" at the top right for contact information on all staff.
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Academic Support
Megan Davis - Math Recovery
Penny Freberg - TD & Grade 5 Transition Math
Teresa Freitag - Instructional Coach
Veronica Jacobson - Student Advocate SPED 
Heidi Johnson - Literacy Specialist 
Naomi Wills
English Learners
April Fuller
Pam Nelson
LeAnne Howell
Peggy Mortier
Marilyn Rota
Cheryl Lindstrom
Peggy Martin
Physical Education
Nicolette Dilbert 
Nancy Salmon
Special Education
Sarah A. Anderson
Diane Hughes
Kimberly Ipsen 
Maren Rueckert