Free! ACT test offered Wednesday, April 19 

Eleventh-graders, take part in the ACT test during the regular school day on Wednesday, April 19. This will save you the time of having to do it over a weekend! Also, learn more about how this opportunity can steer you in the right direction after graduation.

District and state testing

Students in Anoka-Hennepin take many types of assessments in their classroom. Below is a list of standardized tests given to all students in Anoka-Hennepin based on grade or group of students that meet the testing criteria.
The columns in the table below represent each grade (Kindergarten through 12th Grade) within the district. Each row within the table represents one of the tests or assessments that are given throughout the school year.
To determine which assessment(s) will impact your student(s), click on the current grade your student is in.
To obtain additional information about the specific assessment, click on the assessment name within the first column.
NOTE: An asterisk within the table indicates that the assessment is administered to a subset of students within that grade level.