Next year, we will implement the AVID program at Anoka Middle School for the Arts. AVID is a career and college-readiness program which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  AVID is a program that focuses on strengthening skills crucial to success in middle/high school and beyond in college.  The goal of our AVID program is to challenge our students to take rigorous courses in preparation for college, while giving the support systems needed to make this happen.  AVID is an elective class that is offered to selected 8th graders at Anoka Middle School for the Arts.  Our AVID program is looking for students who have a strong desire to attend college after high school and would enjoy the benefits of a college visit, guest speakers for potential careers, team building, community service and support.

    AVID is a program that helps identify students who traditionally perform well in regular-level classes (ELA, Science, Math, etc.) during middle school and could use an added push to take and succeed in upper-level courses (Honors, Advanced Placement, PLTW/Engineering, World Language etc.).  Students are chosen for the program based upon their academic potential, grades, and test scores. Students who have met initial requirements in order to be considered will be invited to an informational meeting on Wednesday, February 28, at which time students will receive application materials. All Applications and Teacher recommendations are due to the school counseling office by Wednesday, March 20th. Applications will be reviewed and selected students will interview with our AVID team members to help determine if AVID would be a good fit for them.  Unfortunately, there are a limited number of spots in the AVID program so we may not be able to take all of the students who apply. 

    Some of the things to keep in mind when deciding if AVID is a good fit:

    • AVID students must enroll in a minimum of 1 rigorous course during the school year (Honors, Engineering/PLTW, World Language)
    • AVID students will have small group adult tutors to assist them with academic questions 2 days a week.
    • The goal is for AVID students to attend a college campus visit and to participate in collaborative, team building activities throughout the year with the AVID class to help them build confidence and help guide decisions about their future.

    Middle school and the transition to high school can sometimes be challenging. AVID helps foster positive peer relationships, increase self-advocacy, and improve self-awareness. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to AMSA’s AVID Coordinator, Heidi Phillips, heidi.phillips@ahschools.us or the AVID Administrator, Tori Martin, at victoria.martin@ahschools.us.