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    Minnesota Safe Learning Plan model 

    All schools have been delinked from the 14-day case rate and are suggested to be in an in-person learning model with health and safety measures implemented.

    According to the Minnesota Safe Learning Plan, when schools operate in an in-person or hybrid learning model and “the number of students and school staff who are absent or who are sent home with influenza- or COVID-19-like illness reaches approximately 5% of the total number of students and staff in a school within a single week,” schools should reach out to their Regional Support Team and are strongly encouraged to discuss whether a transition to a more restrictive learning model is necessary.

    Please consider that the 5% threshold is a starting point for discussion and schools may be able to operate, depending on circumstances. The district will exhaust all other options prior to making a decision to move to distance learning.  

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    Notes on data shown

    Note that these numbers reflect positive cases reported to the school district directly from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The majority of staff and students that are sent home with COVID-19 symptoms do not test positive and are not included in these numbers. 

    Anoka-Hennepin data updated on Mondays. County data updated on Thursdays.

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