• Will secondary students move through classes as a cohort (meaning the same group of kids will move through their class schedule together) or will there be a different mix of kids in each class? If they are moving as a cohort, will they be changing classrooms, or will teachers be changing classrooms?

  • What is the maximum number of students that will be allowed to be in each classroom in-person?

  • What if my child needs in-person support beyond the two assigned days?

  • What about Mondays?

  • How will music classes be handled at the secondary level? Singing and playing instruments has been shown to increase transmission risk. What is the district doing to mitigate that risk?

  • Will live video of teaching be recorded for families that may have to access content at a later time due to scheduling concerns?

  • What is considered to be a proper distance learning device?

  • What companies/vendors provide internet for those in need?

  • What if I need technology help?

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