Fast facts: Question 3 explained

Question 3 explained: Considering an investment in support for every student.

  • Providing additional resources for struggling students is always important. Question 3 aims to allow Anoka-Hennepin opportunities to extend social emotional, mental health and academic support for all students even after the immediate impact of the pandemic - which the community indicated was a priority before 2020.

    Question 3 can only pass if voters also approve Question 1. Anoka-Hennepin began receiving one-time federal funding to provide additional support for students in response to the pandemic in July 2021. That funding will be expended by June 2023. A total of 20 social workers and counselors and 30 academic support teachers were added with these one-time federal funds.

    If Question 3 is approved by voters, the school district will have the funding necessary to continue providing social emotional and mental health resources and additional academic support for students performing below grade level (focused on reading and math) once the federal funding is spent; for the next ten years - until 2033. If approved, voters would not begin paying taxes for two years on Question 3, until 2023. View your specific tax impact based on your property value using the tax impact calculator.

    Address staffing shortages

    Funding would also provide budget stability and allow the district to address staffing shortages for bus drivers, child nutrition, paraeducators and academic support staff so that service expectations of parent/guardians and students can be satisfied.