Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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  • What is Question #1?

  • What is Question #2?

  • What is Question #3?

  • Why now?

  • Didn't Anoka-Hennepin just have a special election?

  • Does Anoka-Hennepin receive the majority of their funding based on school enrollment numbers on October 1 of each year?

  • Without the funding from question 1 ($34.5 million), what exactly does the classroom impact look like?

  • Is there a plan to reduce referendum cost over time? To help reduce taxes?

  • Would taxes decrease if the questions are not approved?

  • How can I determine my potential tax decrease if the questions are not approved?

  • Why is the district asking for additional funds when the Federal Government has given the district resources?

  • What is the impact on athletics and activities if this referendum does not pass? Is this an area for potential cuts?

  • Are portable classrooms still being used in the district?