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Updates to meal pick-up process

(12/29/2020) The process for ordering and picking up meals is changing beginning Jan. 4. Details outlined below:


Distance Learning Meals
Beginning Jan. 4, students participating in distance learning, will no longer need to pre-order meals. Simply visit the high school of your choice on Monday evenings from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and meals will be available for pick-up.

Hybrid Learning Meals
Although most students are attending school in the distance learning model, some special education students and others are attending in the hybrid format. Students who will be participating in the hybrid learning format, and would like meals for their at-home learning days, will still need to pre-order meals. Meals for take home will be available at their school, and meals for pick up will be available at the high school they choose on Monday evenings from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Please visit the child nutrition website for more information on ordering deadlines.

All orders for hybrid learning meal service must be placed using the SchoolCafe website or by using the SchoolCafe app on your smartphone (Apple iOS, Android). Wednesday, Jan. 13 is the first order date for hybrid meal pick-up on the following Monday.

In-Person Learning
Beginning Jan. 19, students in grades K-2 participating in in-person learning will no longer have access to the distance learning meal program as they will have access to five days of meals at their school.

Meals will continue to be free to all enrolled students, for as long as federal funds remain available. If you have not filled out a free or reduced meal application for this school year please visit and fill one out today.

Students with an allergy or meal accommodation
Students who already have a district-approved meal accommodation and would like to pick up distance learning meals will need to contact the school they plan on visiting the week prior to pick up to let them know that they need a meal accommodation. If you would like to request a meal accommodation please contact the child nutrition office at 763-506-1240.

Meal pick-up information

  • Mondays: All students
  • Students or parents can pick up distance meals and/or the pre-ordered hybrid meals at one of the five district high schools.
  • Meal pickup will be from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday evening.
  • Meals will be picked up from the lobby or vestibule of the high school. Please follow the face covering guidelines when entering the building. You'll need to provide staff with your students’ name(s) for meal pickup.

For more information on the meal pick-up process, visit