In May 2019, Mississippi was proud to become an ENVoY Certified School for the seventh year in a row!   

    What is ENVoY?

    ENVoY (Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks) is a set of non-verbal classroom management skills and strategies that educators use in order to foster student independence and maximize engagement, while preserving relationships between the adults and the children. ENVoY was created by Michael Grinder, who has observed in over 7,000 classrooms in order to see what good teachers do that made them successful in the classroom. He wrote his ENVoY book based on the patterns he observed, and he put names to the strategies. This is why ENVoY works - it is doing exactly what was working in the first place.

    How did ENVoY come to Mississippi?

    In August 2011, our staff had the initial ENVoY training. We were one of only a couple schools in the district implementing ENVoY. Since that time, we have continued to receive training and coaching from our ENVoY trainer, Jacki Brickman, and our internal coaches and trainers. New staff are provided training during their first year in our building. We have seen a tremendous impact on the culture of our building as a result of buildingwide ENVoY implementation. As a result of the positive impact seen by schools, all Anoka-Hennepin elementary schools either have been or are now in the process of being trained in ENVoY.

    How do you become a certified ENVoY school?

    There are seven essential ENVoY strategies, called Gems (hence the diamonds in the certification banner). When a teacher can proficiently demonstrate all seven gems during the course of one lesson, then he/she has earned certification as ENVoY Certified Practitioner. When 80 percent of licensed teaching staff earn individual certification, then the building earns schoolwide certification.  In addition, we have had several paraprofessionals earn their para ENVoY certification. Staff members and the building must be recertified annually. 

    A Healthy Classroom

    Several Mississippi staff have also been to part two of ENVoY trainings, called "A Healthy Classroom." This week-long summer class trains staff in how to read, understand, and manage classroom group dynamics. The complexities of a classroom include how individuals and the class as a whole interact with and respond to one another. Many staff who have taken the class have been part of a follow-up small group to discuss implementation of their new learning.