• How do I sign up to be in PTO?

    All Mississippi parents and staff are automatically a part of the PTO. In order to volunteer, you need to fill out application forms (see volunteer page on left), but you may come to the meetings at any time. There is no registration or sign-up.

    Where does PTO get the money to purchase items for Mississippi? 

    The PTO coordinates many of the fundraisers that go home with the students, and the profits from those fundraisers are the dollars the PTO is able to use to buy items for Mississippi. Visit the fundraisers page on the left to learn more about the fundraisers we do at Mississippi. Periodically, we also receive direct donations from families, staff, and/or community members.

    Where does the money from the fundraisers go?  

    Each year, the PTO listens to parents and teachers to get their ideas on how to spend that year's money. The PTO then has to make the tough decisions on what can be purchased that year and what cannot. Unfortunately, each year there are many good ideas and programs that could benefit our children, but the PTO doesn't have enough money to fund them or volunteers to run them. Of course, the more money the fundraisers take in and the more volunteers we have that are willing to help, the more the PTO is able to do. This is why parent and community participation in the PTO through volunteering and/or participating in the fundraisers is so important.

    I pay taxes and even voted for the last school levy. Why can't that money go towards these types of purchases?

    The laws are very specific on what state dollars and levy dollars can go towards. In addition, those sources just do not provide enough dollars to purchase some of the "extras" that make a school special. Here are a few of the extras the PTO has purchased in recent years to enhance the learning experience for Mississippi students:
    • Climbing wall in the gym.
    • School Safety Patrol appreciation.
    • Popcorn for class parties.
    • Staff retirement gifts.
    • Two $500 Scholarship to former Mississippi student graduating from CRHS.
    • Technology - laptops, Promethean boards, slates for use with boards, Chromebooks.
    • Field trip funds.

    What does the PTO do besides fundraising and making purchases to benefit students?

    • The PTO is involved with many of the Family Fun Nights at Mississippi. These have included movie nights, game nights, Academic Nights, Family Fun & Fitness Night, I Love to Read Month kickoff, and more. 
    • Every fall, we help put a float from our school in the Coon Rapids High School parade.
    • We also help with Open House, Track & Field day, the Walk-a-Thon, and other school events.  

    What if I don't have much time to be involved, or can't make it to every meeting? 

    We appreciate your help and involvement in any amount, whether you have a little time or a lot. There are a number of ways to be involved and on a variety of levels. Check out the Volunteer and Fundraising pages on the left to find opportunities that work for you, your family, and your schedule. Our monthly meetings are a great way to stay informed and be involved, and we would love to have you join us. Whether you can come monthly or just a couple times a year, you are welcome and encouraged to come!