• AMSA Study Club supports our school mission and the library vision to extend learning opportunities and provides direct instruction in core classes and study skills. 

    ·      Fred Moore Campus Library: 6th graders come directly to the library from the buses, 7th and 8th graders come directly to the library at the 3:05 dismissal bell.  

    ·      Meets Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 pm – 5:00 pm with two supervising staff members.

    ·      Closed for Conferences, Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair, and other events.

    ·      Closures communicated to students through announcements, notices, and signs.  


    Our staff assists students on assignments, projects, and tests.

    We encourage students to:

    ·      Work independently and to ask for assistance and resources.

    ·      Focus on their tasks.

    ·      Promote a positive learning environment.

    ·      Families are encouraged to visit Study Club and come to work with their students with staff support. 

    ·      Independent silent reading is the last 15 minutes of Study Club from 4:45pm-5:00pm. Please support this vital brain building exercise and concentration skill picking up students at the 5:00pm dismissal time.  


    No students are allowed in the building after 3:20pm unless accompanied by an adult, staff member, or in an after-school activity.

    ·      Students must ARRIVE BY 3:20pm.     

    ·      Students may come after 3:20 if their activity ends before the activity buses arrive or family pick-up. 

    ·      Families must be informed of student’s attendance in Study Club each session. The library telephone is available (763-506-5005 or 763-506-5105) or use personal cell phones.

    ·      All students are expected to remain in Study Club until the activity bus dismissal times unless a written note, cell phone text, email, or prior notification of a student’s earlier release is given to Ms. Roxanne Chambliss or Study Club staff.

     Activity Buses:

    ·      Monday & Wednesday 4:15 & 5:15pm

    ·      Tuesday & Thursday 5:15pm ONLY

    ·      Northwest Suburban students must request an activity bus ride 24 hours in advance. 


    1.    Sign in (Name: first & last) & Task Pass (ex: Today’s mission is_)

    2.    Follow school & table rules

    3.    Follow staff directives

    4.    Class work, projects, reading (everyone reads 4:45-5:00), tests


    1.    Behavior discussion

    2.    Loss of access: Computer use (No social media!)

    3.     Referral

    The safety of your children is very important to the AMSA Study Club staff.

    ·      FAMILY INFORMATION form on file for Study Club staff to contact families in case of an emergency. 

    ·      Forms can be picked up in both AMSA libraries.

    ·      Please contact Fred Moore campus librarian Ms. Roxanne Chambliss with questions at Roxanne.Chambliss@ahschools.us or 763-506-5005.