• McKinley History of McKinley

    All the schools were closed and consolidated into the Anoka-Hennepin School District in 1961. A large, modern elementary school was built on 14 acres of property donated by the Burton and Chester Livgard families. Dedication was held March 30, 1965, for the new school named McKinley Elementary School.

    Before McKinley... 

    Each school building was assigned a “district” number and each had its own School Board. All of the one-room schoolhouses were consolidated into the Anoka-Hennepin School District in 1961. Two of the schools were actually located outside of what is now the city of Ham Lake, but children living in the Township of Ham Lake attended them, so they have been included.
  • soderville district
    Soderville – District 42.
    Built in 1890’s, replaced in 1941-42.
    Last Teacher in 1961: Inez Skager.
    Located on County Road 18, east of Hwy 65.
    The original schoolhouse was replaced by this one in 1941-1942, built by the WPA. The new school included a library where books were placed on the shelves with some unheard of system called the Dewey Decimal System. Parents took turns bringing commodities from Anoka, so “hot lunch” was served. Favorite games were “Last Couple Out,” “Drop the Handkerchief,” “Anti-Over,” and “Jacks.” In 1941, the teachers taught the students how to make and use bandages. In May of 1942 it became the registration place for sugar rationing. The building still stands and is now a residential four-plex.
    glen cary district
    Glen Cary – District 37.
    Built in 1889.
    Last teacher in 1960: Helen Weatherly.
    Located on the site of the present day City Hall.
    At Glen Cary, around 1898, the classes were taught in Norwegian. The Glen Cary School was located on the site of the current Ham Lake City Hall. After the schools were consolidated, it became the meeting place for the township meetings and then city meetings. It had extensive remodeling in 1976 with a large addition. It was demolished in 1990 at the time that a new city hall was constructed.
    No photo available.
    This school was originally located near 171st Street and Lexington Avenue. It is currently located near Carlos Avery Game Farm.
    Lake Neta
    Lake Netta – District 24.
    Built approximately 1877.
    Last teacher in 1961:  Marie Hallberg.
    Located on East Lake Netta Drive today.
    Lake Netta was organized in 1871 and the classes were first held in farmer’s homes until the first school was built six years later. It was first erected about three miles south of the lake, but in 1889 it was moved with the aid of horses up to Lake Netta. In 1935 a new school was erected and the structure remains as a residential dwelling today.
    Red Brick (Ole Moore)
    Red Brick (Ole Moore) – District 54.
    Built in 1884.
    Last teacher in 1961: Lillian Young.
    Located on the northeast corner of Radisson Road and Bunker Lake Boulevard.
    Charlie Moore (whose father, Christ, came to Ham Lake in the late 1880s) remembers hauling bricks from Andover with a team and wagon for the brick schoolhouse, which was built in 1914. 
    Constance – District 41
    Constance – District 41.
    Built in 1890.
    Last teacher in 1961: Ethel Norland.
    This school was originally located at the intersection of Crosstown Boulevard and Constance Boulevard.
    Andover – District 8
    Andover – District 8.
    Built in 1880.
    Last teacher in 1954:  Irene McAloney.
    Located: Unknown.
    This schoolhouse was relocated and now sits at the Anoka County Fairground.
  • Disclaimer:  All above information was taken from the city of Ham Lake's website.