Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The school district is compiling questions received from the community and employees related to the process for establishing new attendance boundaries for schools. After reviewing this information, please direct additional questions to

    With enrollment growth in portions of the district - Blaine, Champlin and Dayton - attendance boundary changes are needed to balance student enrollment to ensure operational efficiencies and quality education for all students. Anoka-Hennepin Schools is coordinating a process for public review and input into draft proposals, which would be approved by the school board in November and put in place for the 2023-24 school year. 

    Changes are proposed primarily at the elementary level, but also at the middle school level in the Blaine area. There are no other middle school or any high school attendance boundary changes being proposed. Draft proposals and feedback will be presented at the Sept. 26 school board meeting. The school board will review proposals along with community feedback prior to approval of new boundaries, which is expected to happen at the Nov. 21 school board meeting. 


Questions about student and family impacts

  • Why are boundary changes being considered now?

  • When is a decision being made?

  • Can I just see the maps prior to the community meeting?

  • What is the planning criteria used to inform proposals?

  • Could the proposals change between now and the School Board decision in November?

  • How should the community share their thoughts on the proposals?

  • When will the new attendance boundaries start?

  • I am enrolled in Adventures Plus child care at my current school. Will I be guaranteed a spot at my new school?

Questions about future planning

  • What will the district do if enrollment growth continues?

  • What is the timeline and process for the future?

  • I live outside Anoka-Hennepin, can you just add us into the district?

  • What is a cluster?

  • When are you going to build a new high school or middle school to manage all these new students?

  • What will the transition look like for students?

Questions about transportation

  • What are the bell times? How will transportation work?

  • Do length of bus rides factor into the decision?

Questions about staffing, school operations and past planning

  • How will staff be impacted as part of this process?

  • What happens to middle school and high school enrollment?

  • With more students moving into my school due to the boundary change, will class sizes increase?

Questions about additions and portable classrooms

  • Have you considered portable classrooms or building additions?

Questions about in-district transfer and open enrollment

  • What is in-district transfer?

  • Do current open enrolled students need to re-apply?

  • Will there be a sibling preference? If I transfer in my fifth-grade student, would my younger students also be able to stay?

  • What school will my student attend in the 2023-24 school year?

  • What happens if my student currently has an in-district transfer to another school in the district?

  • My family accepted an invitation to enroll at Roosevelt Middle School in the fall of 2021 via in-district transfer from Northdale. Will my student be able to stay at Roosevelt through eighth-grade?

  • My student is open enrolled, what is likely to happen?