Updates and news

  • Updates and news about boundary changes are sent directly to families with students enrolled at Anoka-Hennepin elementary schools, and Blaine-area middle schools. All direct communications are archived here for families and community members to reference as needed.

Latest districtwide updates - Boundary changes

Archived districtwide updates - Boundary changes

Cluster-specific updates

  • The Anoka-Hennepin School District is divided into five clusters, each of which represents the five high schools - Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Champlin Park and Coon Rapids. Elementary and middle schools that feed into the five high schools are a part of these clusters. Five elementary schools are a part of two clusters, meaning students go to two sets of high schools. These schools are Crooked Lake, Eisenhower, Rum River, Sand Creek, and University Avenue elementary schools. 

    Typically, elementary and middle schools are broken into the following clusters:

    Read Andover cluster updates:

    • Andover Elementary
    • Crooked Lake Elementary (also Anoka cluster)
    • Rum River Elementary (also Anoka cluster)
    • Oak View Middle School
    • Andover High School

    Read Anoka cluster updates:

    • Brookside Elementary
    • Crooked Lake Elementary (also Andover cluster)
    • Franklin Elementary
    • Lincoln Elementary
    • Ramsey Elementary
    • Rum River Elementary (also Andover cluster)
    • Wilson Elementary
    • Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    • Anoka High School

    Blaine cluster:

    • Eisenhower Elementary (also Coon Rapids cluster)
    • Jefferson Elementary
    • Johnsville Elementary
    • Madison Elementary
    • McKinley Elementary
    • Sand Creek Elementary (also Coon Rapids cluster)
    • Sunrise Elementary
    • University Avenue Elementary (also Coon Rapids cluster)
    • Northdale Middle School (also Coon Rapids cluster)
    • Roosevelt Middle School
    • Blaine High School

    Champlin Park cluster:

    • Champlin Brooklyn Park Academy
    • Dayton Elementary
    • Evergreen Park Elementary
    • Monroe Elementary
    • Oxbow Creek Elementary
    • Jackson Middle School
    • Champlin Park High School

    Coon Rapids cluster:

    • Adams Elementary
    • Eisenhower Elementary (also Blaine cluster)
    • Hamilton Elementary
    • Hoover Elementary
    • Mississippi Elementary
    • Morris Bye Elementary
    • Sand Creek Elementary (also Blaine cluster)
    • University Avenue Elementary (also Blaine cluster)
    • Coon Rapids Middle School
    • Northdale Middle School (also Blaine cluster)
    • Coon Rapids High School

    Cluster-specific news and updates will be archived online.