• Do you allow high school students to enroll part time?

  • Do you offer flexible or ongoing enrollment?

  • If we want to change our enrollment for next trimester and take more classes online or go back to the high school, what do we need to do?

  • We are interested in enrolling. How do we enroll?

  • We are enrolled at AHVA, but my student wants to attend the traditional high school graduation ceremony or other activities like prom. Is that possible?

Graduation/Transcript Requests

  • My student is a senior this year. Where does he/she graduate from high school and how do I access transcripts?

Student Daily Experience

  • What can my student expect for a schedule?

  • What is the bell schedule for online students?

Attendance Requirements

  • Is attendance required at specific times?

  • What do I do if I know my student is going to be absent?

  • My student is part-time, why do I have to let both schools know that my student is going to be absent?

  • I forgot to let you know ahead of time and now I received notice my student was absent, what do I do?

Additional support

  • My student is in need of additional help. Who can I contact?