• Health Services

    Research has shown that students with an optimal level of wellness are more receptive to the learning process. Therefore, Anoka-Hennepin health service staff strive to promote the health of students and promote a healthy school environment.

    The primary goal of health services is to eliminate/minimize health related barriers to learning. To accomplish this, health service staff, as part of the school team, strives to:

    • Promote student and staff wellness.
    • Provide skilled nursing.
    • Protect students' well being.
    • Enhance healthy behaviors.
    • Encourage self-care.
    • Assess and communicate student health concerns through referral to parents/guardians.

    The model of health services in Anoka-Hennepin Schools uses a combination of school nurses (RN public health nurses) and health para educators, some of which are licensed practical nurses, RNs, EMTs or CMAs.

    Health paras perform health office/clerical functions, care for ill and injured students, and carry out delegated nursing activities performed under the school nurses' supervision.

    The school nurse is responsible for coordinating and managing the health needs of individual students during the school day as well as promoting health and safety for all students at a given site. They also provide training, delegation and supervision of the health para.

    The Assistant Director of Student Services for the health service department is responsible for school nursing program planning, quality assurance, staffing, and responding to crises.

    Does your child have health insurance? If not, help may be available.