Find a teacher's classroom page

    Below is a list of teachers with classroom pages. If a teacher you're looking for is not on this list, it simply means that they don't use the web as a communication vehicle for their class(es) at this time. Please click "directory" at the top right for contact information on all staff.
  • Danielle Entinger - KA
    Kerri Deile - KB
    Sarah Johnson - KC
    Kristin Zelazny- KD 
    Sarah N. Johnson - 1A
    Sarah Schreifels - 1B
    Angela Quick - 1C
    Rose Kleinbaum - 1D
    Maureen Ledin - 2A
    Jennifer Mishler - 2B
    Sarah Brezinka  - 2C 
    Jaimie Feld - 3A
    Chrissy Miller - 3B
    Jenny Norton - 3C
    Chris Duschik - 4A
    Elisabeth Carlson - 4B
    Jake Pederson - 4C
    Rich Freking - 5A
    Sarah Ketchum - 5B
    Stacy Johnson - 5C
  • Special Education Lead
    Julie Petersen
    Special Education
    Lauren Bogart
    Julie Martin
    Betsy Lawson
    English Language Learners
    Mikaela Magee
    School Psychologist 
    Robyn Enyart 
    School Social Worker