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    Below is a list of teachers with classroom pages. If a teacher you're looking for is not on this list, it simply means that they don't use the web as a communication vehicle for their class(es) at this time. Please click "directory" at the top right for contact information on all staff.
  • Kindergarten
    Careen Cain
    Patricia Sorenson
    Heather Leppert
    Sarah Sik
    Grade 1
    Dale Nelson
    Sally Dorr 
    Duane Gast
    Vesta Watkins

    Grade 2

    Lauren Williams

    Cindy Birch

    Diane Lemke
    Grade 3
    Katie Hauf
    Johanna Mueller
    Sarah Donovan
    Grade 4/5 ELA
    Megan Keith
    Mary Coleman
    Gretchen Mattson
    Grade 4/5 Math & Science
    Briana Canfield
    Amber Ringwelski
    Magdalene Pearson
    Special Education (SpEd)
    Kristi Gile (LC/SLD)
    Andrea Hendrickson (SpEd Lead)
    Jeanette Masloski (ASD)
    Julie Soderlund (EBD)
    Brandi Sontag (Center Base)
    Megan Taylor (Center Base) 
    Supplemental Programs (SP)
    Karla Dahlheimer
    Thomas Fox
    Candace Johnson
    Maribeth Peterson