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Referendum 2021: Be informed. Get 'Fast Facts' about the three questions on the ballot.

(10/20/21) Over the last several weeks, details of Referendum 2021 have been shared with the community. We’ve covered information about the proposed renewal of two levies for learning, and the consideration of investing in a new operating levy aimed to provide support for all students.

It’s important that Anoka-Hennepin residents are informed about how the impact of the decision on Referendum 2021 will impact the likelihood of success, support and stability for students and schools across the district. 

Fast facts: Questions 1, 2 and 3

Be informed. The school district has three short videos to summarize each question in a minute and a half, or less:

  • Question 1: Renewal of 9.3% of the school district’s general budget. (No tax impact. Current taxes would be extended.)
  • Question 2: Renewal of a capital projects (aka technology) levy. (No tax impact. Current taxes would be extended.)
  • Question 3: Consideration of the investment of a new operating levy aimed to support mental health and social-emotional needs and academic support in response to the pandemic. (If approved, residents would not begin paying tax on this until 2023. Approx. $10/month for a $250,000 home. View to see your specific property tax impact.)


In summary, if approved, Referendum 2021 will:

  • Maintain and address class sizes,
  • Maintain elective options and a variety of programming to support all student’s preparations for college/career,
  • Provide every student access to technology tools and resources to support classroom learning, 
  • Improve and maintain mental health and social emotional support available for every student, 
  • improve and maintain academic support for students performing below grade level, focused on reading and math,
  • and provide budget stability so the district can address staffing shortages for bus drivers, child nutrition, paraeducators and academic support staff so that service expectations of parent/guardians and students can be satisfied.

The district has also shared the logical consequences in the event the referendum isn’t approved:

  • If Question 1 is not approved, the district would consider cutting $34.5 million in resources, which is 9.3% of the district’s funding used to operate schools.

  • If Question 2 is not approved, the district will need to reduce $4.5 million from the budget in other areas to provide technology for students in the classroom, or stop maintaining the same technology tools and resources that have been added over the past ten years.

  • If Question 3 is not approved, new mental health, social emotional and academic support added in response to the pandemic would be discontinued in 2023. This includes a total of 20 social workers and counselors, and 30 academic support teachers.

View the short video to learn about the logical consequences for schools and students in just over two minutes.

What’s on the ballot?

Many school districts in the state of Minnesota rely on locally approved operating levies to help fund their schools. Anoka-Hennepin Schools is the largest school district in the state of Minnesota, but its per student operating levy is one of the lowest compared to the top 10 other metro suburban school districts in the state. Official ballot language can be confusing; view a helpful descriptor to better understand what each question means for all schools and every student.

Get voting information, find your polling place at


Questions? Feedback?
Answers to questions are being answered and published on the Q and A section on the Referendum 2021 website. The school district will continue to update the website with FAQs on a weekly basis through Nov. 2.

Community members are encouraged to call or email the Referendum Hotline with questions:
Phone: 763-506-7777