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Great moments, opportunities, *miracles,* possible each school year

The Power of Purpose(09/01/2023) At #AHSchools we believe that *miracles* happen in our schools each and every day, and when teams have a shared purpose - amazing things can happen. 

The Anoka-Hennepin School District has a tradition of inspiring staff, students and community partners with a back-to-school video each year. Recognizing that great opportunities come with each new school year, the district reflected on a time in history when the nation came together in a shared purpose for this years’ video inspiration: In 1980, Americans embraced positivity in support of the United States men’s ice hockey team, which competed in the winter Olympics - and achieved the unthinkable - inspiring hope while bringing home the gold medal. 

Over the past week, staff members across the district have focused on their purpose or their “why,” for choosing education and serving students with a theme for the upcoming school year, “The Power of Purpose.” 

Check out the 2023-24 back-to-school video and join us in supporting and cheering on our students and staff as they go for the gold this school year. View behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot.