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Traffic tips for the back to school season

(08/11/2022) The back to school season is a busy time for families, school staff and our communities. There is often more traffic congestion in this season and it’s more important than ever for drivers to pay attention before- and after-school to keep families, students and staff safe.

Check out these tips from the Anoka-Hennepin transportation department as a back to school reminder:

  • Crosswalks: Be mindful that we are sharing the road with young walkers and staff helping them across the crosswalks or intersections. Always stop for school patrols and crossing guards.

  • Know drop-off and pick-up procedures: Schools have procedures in place to keep traffic safe. Make sure you know your school’s plan for the safety of all students and staff.

  • Use slow speeds: Use caution in school zones and be aware of your surroundings. We can all work together to ensure the safety of drivers, school buses, walkers and bikers.

  • School bus safety: Familiarize yourself with school bus safety tips on the road. Always stop if yellow or red lights are flashing or if stop arms are extended from a school bus. Allow extra time for students to board and exit the bus and proceed to safe sidewalks to enter school zones or return home.

  • Share the road: Be patient of other vehicles stopped for pedestrians or using caution in school zones. Do not pass other vehicles or school buses. Be alert, young children may take an unpredictable path as they are learning safety rules.

Thank you for your partnership in school traffic safety.


School safety traffic tips infographic