• School-based mental health program

    People Incorporated contracts with the district to provide onsite, year-round support. Telehealth and/or in-person sessions are available.
    • Crisis management for current clients.
    • Diagnostic assessment.
    • Individual and family therapy.
    • Mental health professional development training for school staff.
    • Mental health service coordination for current clients.
    • Mental health consultation for parents/staff.

    Any parent/guardian or school staff can make a referral. You can make a referral by calling or emailing the mental health professional at one of the *designated sites. View the mental health services staff directory

    If immediate mental health assistance is needed, please call 911. 

    Therapy in schools (telehealth and in-person guidance)

    Anoka-Hennepin is not currently able to hold virtual or in-person therapy in schools with providers that are NOT contracted with the district. The contracted provider is People Inc. We will continue to review this guidance and update as appropriate.

    The reasons that this is not possible currently include and are not limited to:

    • The district cannot provide a distraction-free confidential space for students to engage with a therapist.
    • The district does not have the ability to supervise students. If the district was able to supervise students, confidentiality would be a concern.
    • Even if a device is provided from home, the district is still responsible for supervising what happens during the school day. 
    • The district does not have a contract with the additional outside provider and cannot support outside agencies entering school spaces either physically or virtually at the present time due to student confidentiality and school procedures.  

Mental Health Resources

  • Disclaimer: The resources referenced by Anoka-Hennepin are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of a health care or mental health care professional. Anoka-Hennepin cannot be held responsible for the use of the information provided. If immediate mental health assistance is needed, please call 911.