• Compass Programs  

    Compass Programs help meet the learning and behavior needs of students who are in transition because of change or crisis in their lives.
    The goal of the programs are to maintain students' academic progress and to provide support and guidance to help them gain stability and integrate successfully back into their neighborhood school. All of these programs are temporary placements that target specific needs that affect a student's ability to remain in their neighborhood school. 

    Programs at the ESC include:


    Teen Pregnancy Program

    The Teen Pregnancy Program is designed to help students remain in school during and after pregnancy. The goals of the program are to:

    • Support students in getting a high school diploma.
    • Assist students in making and following through on a post secondary plan.
    • Provide students with education and resources to help them develop parenting skills.
    • Provide students with support and resources so that they can return to their neighborhood schools or other programs after pregnancy.

    For more information, check out the program brochure or the frequently asked questions page

    CAPE Child Care Center

    The CAPE Child Care Center is the district-operated childcare center located at the ESC in Anoka. Any Anoka-Hennepin student can use the childcare center for their child, provided they meet the basic requirements of attendance.
    CAPE runs two separate classrooms, one for infants, and one for toddlers and preschoolers. A full-time director and several teachers are responsible for the care and education of the children. Education is tailored to each child's needs with a specialized lesson plan to encourage growth and development.
    It is a goal of the CAPE Center to provide a safe, welcoming, and educational environment for both the young children and their mothers so the emphasis can be on building strong families.
    CAPE is a Parent Aware rated childcare facility and more information can be found on the Parent Aware website. View the CAPE brochure or contact CAPE Director, Gail Bookey, for more information, including availability, requirements, and tuition. 

    Homebound Program

    The Homebound Program is provided to Anoka-Hennepin students who are unable to attend their neighborhood school for more than two consecutive weeks due to illness. This absence from school must be supported by a physician's recommendation.

    Elementary and middle school students will have a teacher come to their homes for up to five hours of instruction each week. High school students will receive telephone calls from licensed teachers in each of their classes four days a week.