• The Compass NEST

    The NEST is an in-school resource to help students and families at Compass ESC in economic distress. The NEST provides non-perishable food, basic needs, baby clothing, small baby items, and limited maternity clothing to families and students in need. If you are in need of these items, please contact Angie Wefel at: angela.wefel@ahschools.us or at 763-506-1595.

    Who can use the NEST?

    Teen Pregnancy Program (TPP) and CAPE students along with their families are welcome to use the nest.

    When is the NEST open?

    The nest is open during school hours on days school is in session.

    What items does the NEST have?

    Some of the items available* in the NEST include:

    • canned, boxed and dry food items
    • basic needs such as toilet paper and hygiene items
    • basic school supplies
    • baby clothes and blankets
    • small baby items, such as diapers, wipes
    • maternity clothing

    * = Items and availability fluctuate - not all items listed may be available.

    Does the NEST take donations?

    All items in the NEST come from donations. Donations are appreciated and welcomed. Contact Angie Wefel for information on specific needs and guidelines. 
    The following are our highest need items: size 3 to 6 diapers, wipes, single serve microwavable meals, toddler snacks, snack foods (granola bars, fruit cups, pudding cups, crackers, etc. - single serving sizes work best), feminine products.

    Note: We do have to check expiration dates, any item beyond it's "best buy" date will be thrown away. 

    Thank you to Glen Cary Lutheran Church for helping keep the shelves stocked.