Compass Online

  • Compass Online provides high school students the opportunity to continue taking courses for the purpose of meeting district graduation requirements. Student's credits will transfer back to their traditional high school. The program utilizes APEX, an internet-based learning management system, designed to meet the educational needs of students at all levels of ability.

    Regardless of a student’s academic situation, each student moves at his or her own pace with instant feedback on performance. Students receive credit for finishing coursework. Courses are graded on an A - F traditional basis. Each course is a 0.5 credit.

    Students in grades 10 through 12 will be enrolled at Compass and attend class from 11:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Students should complete 3 hours of work from home to stay current in classes. Students can get lunch when they arrive. Teachers are on site to provide academic support when needed. A 30-minute social skills lesson will be taught daily. 

    Mission and Vision

    The online high school will meet the needs of the 21st Century learner:

    • The online program will assess and provide relevant, rigorous curriculum that meets the postsecondary standards to assure that students are college and career ready; and
    • Students will obtains the skills as needed to be globally competitive in the 21st Century workforce.

    Student expectations

    Students attend school for only three hours per day; therefore, it is even more important that students stay focused on their course work or they will quickly fall behind. Remember, trimester courses at our high schools require approximately 60 minutes each day for approximately 60 days, and typically include homework and projects. On-line students are required to devote one hour per day to each course, which means students should plan on working outside of school. A Pacing Guide, which is customized for each course, will assist students in staying on track.

    Courses are set with mastery on all quizzes and computer scored tests at 70 percent. Students will be given two attempts on quizzes. Completed study guides will be required if a second attempt on a quiz is needed. All end of unit Summative Tests will be locked and proctored on-site; study guides may be used on all exams. In order to earn credit for a course, students must complete all assignments.