• Eisenhower Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I pick up my child early?
    We discourage parents from picking up their children ten or fifteen minutes before dismissal time. This is a valuable time when teachers are putting closure to the day and it is very distracting to the children when the classroom is receiving phone calls to have a student sent to the office. We want ALL of our students to receive the optimum learning environment and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please make every effort to schedule appointments outside of the school day.
    What is the Drop off and Pick up policy at Eisenhower?

    Drop-off and Pick-up:

    Our goal is to ensure the safety of all students.  In order to do so, we have specific procedures in place for drop-off and pick-up.  With the large number of moving vehicles and foot traffic, we do understand that this process can take time.  We ask for your patience as Eisenhower staff work to keep things moving as safely and efficiently as possible. 


    Before School Student Drop-off:

    1. Pull forward as far as you can, stopping before entering the main crosswalk by door #1.
      1. Students should exit the passenger side of the vehicle between our two crosswalks. 
    2. Remain in your vehicle at all times. Staff will be on the sidewalk to assist students if/when needed.
    3. If you prefer to walk your child(ren) to the door, park in a designated spot. Do not park in the drop-off lane as it stops the flow of traffic.  
    4. Be patient and do not try to go around other vehicles.  We have intentionally blocked the area making it difficult to pass as it creates safer crosswalks.


    Student Pick-Up:

    1. Our student pick-up zone is identified with painted blue lines outlining the sidewalk and by signs placed at the beginning and the end of the zone.  
    2. Staff have been directed to keep students in the drop-off zone until all cars have pulled forward as much as possible and have come to a complete stop.  Staff will direct students to enter cars that are within the pick-up zone.
    3. Stay in your car at all times and do not wave students into the parking lot or toward your vehicle. If you are stopped outside of the pick-up zone, you will be asked to wait and then to pull forward as far as possible when vehicles begin to move.  

    **We understand that this takes time and can cause frustration.  For the safety of all students please remain patient.

    1. All cars, buses, and student walkers leave out the same exit, which can sometimes cause a traffic jam.  
    2. If you choose to walk to the front door to pick up students, park in a designated space away from the pick-up lane.  Utilize our crosswalks which will increase safety and model safe habits for all students. 
    What if my student is sick or absent?

    Please contact our school Absence Line as soon as possible, stating your child's name, the teacher's name, and the reason for the absence.
    Please note:

    • A student is considered "Tardy" if he/she arrives within 90 minutes after the start of the school day. 
    • A student is marked as "Early Dismissal" if he/she leaves 90 minutes prior to the end of the school day. 
    • A student is considered "Absent for ½ day" if he/she misses more than 90 minutes at the start or end of the school day. 
    • A student is also considered "Absent for a full day" if he/she arrives to school but is picked up within 90 minutes.
    How should I make sure my student is ready for the weather?

    Please make sure your children are dressed properly for ALL weather conditions. This includes wearing hats, mittens, boots and snow pants. We DO NOT have extra clothing at our school to dress those children who have forgotten theirs. Our policy is that every child goes outside for recess unless the temperature is below zero degrees or the wind chill is 10 degrees below zero. If you are in need of assistance in dressing your child warmly, please contact our school office at 506-2300 and we will try to help you.

    Am I allowed to send cupcakes or birthday treats to school?

    The School Board approved some new guidelines designed to help students develop healthy eating habits and reduce the amount of sugar and fats they eat. Here are the most important:

    • In general, teachers are encouraged to offer non-food items as classroom rewards. 
    • Classes should have no more than 4 class parties per year. 
    • Parents who send food to school for birthday treats or other occasions should look for a healthy pre-packaged snack or non-food option. 
    • (Please check with your child's teacher regarding possible allergies to certain foods that may exist in the classroom).
    Can I have some ideas of what to send to school for treats? 
    • Instead of pop- 100% juice or water 
    • Dried fruit and 100% fruit snacks 
    • Whole grain crackers with cheese 
    • Pretzels, low fat popcorn, rice cakes 
    • Bagel slices 
    • Pizza with low fat toppings 
    • Low fat pudding, low fat yogurt 
    • Trail mix or cereal mix 
    • Birthday pencils or stickers