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Be the Nice Kid: Jefferson Elementary students learn about the impact of kindness

Bryan in front of group of students(09/15/2023) Chants of “BE THE NICE KID” could be heard through the halls of Jefferson Elementary School Sept. 14, as Bryan Skavnak, the founder of the organization Be the Nice Kid, entertained and educated students on how to spread kindness through being nice.

Skavnak connected with students through stories of both successes and failures, as his messages touched on:

  • Sometimes it takes bravery to be kind. 
  • It is ok to make mistakes.
  • We can be nice even though we are different. 
  • We all can choose to be the nice kid. 
  • Set a good example of how to be nice. 
  • And more.

Skavnak, who speaks nationwide, but is a parent of students in Anoka-Hennepin Schools, spent the entire day at Jefferson. After an all-school assembly, students from each grade had an interactive 25 minute session with Skavnak. He also spent time engaging with students during lunch and recess. Every session ended with Skavnak leading a call and response chant, which started as a whisper and ended with yelling. He would say ‘Be the’ and the students would respond with ‘Nice Kid!’ View photos from the Skavnak’s visit.

See Skavnak and the students conduct the chant

Reactions from fourth grade students: 

  • Zoey Behm learned that the little nice things you do can become bigger.
  • Sophia Apagodu said she would try and help people out when she sees they need help.
  • Lucas Monson learned that sometimes you have to be brave to be kind.
  • Adeline Niesche remembered Bryan’s challenge to the students to do and say one nice thing that day.