• Jefferson Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

    We are a nonprofit group of parents and staff from Jefferson Elementary School to help raise funds for activities and to help provide financial help to the school for the benefit of the students and families.

      Board Members

      • President: Cyndy Guille
        Co-Vice President: Heidi Sorenson
        Co-Vice President Jimmy Sorenson
        Treasurer: Jamielynn Sparre
        Secretary: Kelly Marcotte
        Staff Liason: Amber Hauser

      Meeting Dates and Location

      • All meetings are 6:30-8pm in the school media center

        November 14, 2023
        December 12, 2023
        January 9, 2024
        February 13, 2024
        April 9, 2024
        May 14, 2024


      • How are Budget decisions made?

        Over the summer the PTO Board creates a budget for the upcoming school year based on projected income and expenses. This budget is presented in September at the first PTO meeting of the school year. The budget is discussed among everyone in attendance and changes may be made. The finalized version is then presented and voted on by everyone present at the October meeting.

        Any money raised beyond the amount needed to fulfill budgeted items is used to meet funding requests that the PTO receives from staff and parents throughout the year for items such as playground equipment and technology needs including but not limited to prometheans, chromebooks, ipads, etc. 

        How to Request PTO Funds

        Anyone wishing to request money from the PTO for something that does not appear in the budget must fill out a Funding Request form. Please be sure to include what the request is for, the dollar amount, and the reason for the request (in what way does it benefit the school?). The request form can be given to any PTO board member, or left in the PTO mailbox in the office.
        The funding request will be presented and discussed at the next PTO meeting during the portion of the agenda titled "New Requests." The person/s putting in the request should attend the meeting to discuss the reasons for the request and and answer any questions. In most cases a decision regarding the request will be made at that meeting. 

        PTO Budget

        Budgets are fluid and are adjusted from year to year depending on projected income and expenses.


      • Bylaws are the guiding principles and parameters of our PTO. They are required if we wish to have a 501(c)(3) status. Bylaws are a tool that provides consistency, efficiency, protection and legitimacy to our PTO. To be a useful tool, they need to evolve as our PTO evolves and so should undergo a full review every 3 years.

        How does voting work?

        Our bylaws state that every decision regarding spending must be voted on at an open meeting. Every person in attendance, with the exception of the VSC, has an equal vote. Meetings are run according to Roberts Rules of Order. This means that a motion must be made, seconded, and approved by a majority vote. A tie vote means that the motion does not pass.
        A motion is made to spend $500 on books and is seconded by another person. The floor is opened for discussion. At any time during the discussion the original motion can be amended.
        During the discussion a motion can be made to increase (or decrease) the amount i.e. to $700 or $300. If the new motion is seconded then it becomes the motion for discussion. This may continue until a final vote is called by the PTO President. At that time, the last motion that was made and seconded is what is voted on. The motion either passes or fails and no further vote will be taken on any of the past motions that were made during the discussion.

        The Election Process 

        The election process for PTO officers begins in March with nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The term of office is one year. Officers may serve more than one, but not more than two consecutive terms of office. Nominations should be submitted by one week prior to the April PTO meeting. If you are interested in running for one of these positions or wish to nominate someone for an office, return a completed Nomination Form to the school office.

        In the week prior to the April PTO meeting all nominees will be contacted and given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. All nominees who accepted will be announced at the April meeting. Any last minute nominations require the nominee to be present at the April meeting in order to accept or decline. No nominations will be accepted after the April meeting. All nominations received will be published in the days following the meeting. A complete list of nominees along with a statement from each will be sent out with the May agenda.

        The election will take place during the May PTO meeting by a simple voting majority. The nominees statements will be read and they will each have an opportunity to speak if they wish.

        Immediately after the May meeting the new officers take office. Their term will overlap with the outgoing officers as advisors through August to allow for a smooth transition of information between the old and new PTO Board of Officers.


      • PTO Sponsored Events

        Listed below are events that PTO sponsors during the school year as well as opportunities to volunteer.  Ideas for new events or suggestions on how to improve or change existing events are always welcome!
        The Chairperson for the event makes the decisions about what they want to do with the event within the given budget.  For each event there is a reference binder of information of what has been done in the past.  A PTO Board member will be paired with each chairperson to answer questions or help where needed. 
        Please consider volunteering your time and talents to benefit Jefferson students and their families.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact the Volunteer Service Coordinator (VSC) Cory Knapp at 763-506-2930 or a PTO Board member at JeffersonPTO@hotmail.com
        Movie Nights
        Families bring blankets and pillows, and the kids often come in their pajamas.  For $1.00 you get a ticket, popcorn and a chance to enter the drawing for the movie and other snacks.  Pizza, beverages and snacks are sold by teachers to raise money for their classrooms.  Money from ticket sales is used to pay for the movie license that is used not only by the PTO, but Jefferson staff and Adventures Plus.
        I Love to Read Night 
        This event generally coincides with “I love to read!” month.  The event has been a huge success in past years and families just love it!  Gently used books are donated for the event. Students participate in activities around the school including bingo, story time, meet a librarian, book walk, skits, etc. Concessions are sold by teachers to raise money for their classrooms.  This is a great family event to come and enjoy a fun filled evening and leave going home with new or gently used books to promote literacy!
        Scholarship Committee 
        March through May the PTO sponsors two $500 scholarships for former Jefferson students.  The chairperson is responsible for distributing the application in March to the Blaine High School Community Scholarship Program.  The scholarship committee reviews the applications and selects the winners in April.  These scholarships are presented at the BHS Scholarship Banquet in May.
        V.I.P. Breakfast 
        In April, Jefferson students have the opportunity to invite very important people in their lives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles or daycare providers for breakfast.  A breakfast of rolls and juice is served and guests can visit their student's classroom before school. Volunteer responsibilities include communication to students and staff, creating a special “gift” ahead of time, collecting RSVP's, planning food with the head cook, etc.
        Staff Appreciation Week 
        This event takes place the first full week of May to correspond with National Teacher Appreciation week. The goal is to plan activities to show our appreciation to the staff for a great year at Jefferson. The chairperson plans a series of small activities then works to get donations from local businesses and parents for the planned activities. In past years it has involved bringing in treats or meals, small gifts etc. 
        5th Grade Celebration
        In June this party is a celebration for the outgoing 5th grade class. This event is sponsored by the PTO, however, it is planned and executed by 5th grade parent volunteers and funding comes through ticket sales and specified fundraising by the 5th Grade Party Committee. It is a themed event with dancing, food, and fun! MANY parents are needed to plan and execute this event.


      • PTO Annual Fundraisers

        Amazon Smile
        Amazon will donate .05% of purchases made through smile.amazon.com. Go to smile.amazon.com/ch/41-1850378 to get started!

        Jefferson Jaunt
        This is an annual fitness walk for the students of Jefferson and is the primary PTO fundraiser. 100% of the money raised goes to the PTO. Students are not asked to sell anything but rather to collect pledges during the first two weeks of school and the actual Jefferson Jaunt takes place on the last Friday of September. Students and staff walk on trails near the school. Light snacks are served to the kids and prizes are awarded to top fundraisers. This event requires planning from May until September in various areas such as pledge packets, permission slips, prize solicitation, etc.

        Butterbraid Fundraiser
        In November is this winter fundraiser for the PTO. This is a popular product that cannot be found in any retail stores making it a desirable item to sell. For this reason we schedule this fundraiser around Thanksgiving break with the pick-up just before the winter break. There have been times in the past that another food item, such as coffee or fruit, has been sold in conjunction with the butterbraids. This event requires contact with the vendors, distribution of order forms, counting money, placing the order and arranging for distribution.

        Food Perspectives
        This ongoing fundraiser is done through a consumer testing company that handles consumer food taste tests. Jefferson families and staff sign up through the PTO. The company pays the tester between $15-$26 and the school $10 for every taste test completed! Food Perspective will contact testers by phone. There are many testing location in the Twin Cities and you will be invited to tests within a reasonable drive from your home. Day and evening times are offered for all tests. If you are interested in signing up to become a tester, please contact one of the PTO board members.

        Family Fun Nights 
        Jefferson PTO sets up a few Family Fun Nights throughout the year. These are nights where you eat out or go a certain event and a percentage of the proceeds goes to Jefferson. Some examples are Noodles and Co., Texas Roadhouse, and Urban Air (coming April 2019!).

      • PTOs, booster clubs and nonprofits

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        Topics include:
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        • Non-profit organization and volunteer management
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        • Recruitment and retention of members
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