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Appeals window for the Nebula program now open

(02/02/2024) The appeals window for Nebula, a school-within-a-school program for third through fifth grade gifted and talented students at Eisenhower Elementary School, is now open.

The program: Nebula is a full-time gifted program that provides students with a differentiated curriculum by altering pace, depth, and complexity. This specialized program is designed to accelerate learning in the areas of mathematics and reading, while also fostering curiosity and exploration.

Identification process: Each winter, parents/guardians of Anoka-Hennepin students who meet the Nebula program identification criteria (performing in the top 1-2 percentile across multiple measures in comparison to their peers) are directly contacted to inform them of this programming option for the following school year. 

Appeals process: The application window for appeals is open through Friday, Feb. 16 for students who do not currently meet the identification criteria, or live outside the district. Students considered are those who consistently score in the 98-99 percentile across multiple measures in both math and reading. For more information on the application process and to apply, visit

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