PTO Minutes 02/11/14

Johnsville Elementary School PTO Minutes
February 11, 2014

Purpose of the Organization: PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at Johnsville Elementary School by fostering relationships among the school, parent, and teachers. The organization will not seek to control administrative policy of the school but may offer input.
OFFICERS: President: Carrie Vake | Vice President : Staci Anderson | Treasurer: Denise Scholljegerdes | Secretary: Maren Schultz
STAFF PRESENT: Scott Johnson
ATTENDEES: Kari Gislason, Brandy Doyle, Angie Anderson, Gina Housman Nieder, Stacy Anderson, Jodi Stadden, Sherry Hamann, and Maren Schultz
Meeting called to order at 6:34p.m.
* OLPA and MAP testing completed February 11th
* Friday February 14th 4th graders go to the youth performance center and Valentine’s Day parties
* Monday and Tuesday February 17th and 18th no school, conferences start the 18th and go through the 20th
* 5th grade going to Afton Alps on February 25th , Kindergarten going to Bell Museum on February 26 and 27
End of trimester 2 on March 7, spring break March 10- 14th and March 17th staff planning day

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes from the January meeting were submitted, reviewed, and passed. Gina Housman Nieder made the motion to pass and Kari Gislason seconded.
Heggie’s pizza fundraiser made $13, 469 but had $368 in bad checks
Teacher grants are up to $4, 500
Sherry Hamann made the motion to accept report and Brandy Doyle seconded.
Need more volunteers for conference dinners on Tuesday the 18th and Thursday the 20th
Need volunteers for Heggie’s delivery on Thursday the 13th
General Mills: Sherry Hamann-participation down in January
Campbell Labels: Kim Keller-
Carnival: Tiffany Cich and Nicolle Ristow – NEED NEW CO-CHAIR
Carnival Auction – Carrie Vake – grade levels putting together baskets again
Carnival Kitchen – Carrie Krautkramer- same food as last year
Fundraiser: Still need-
Holiday Shop: Stacey Anderson/ Jennifer Argeros- Going on again next year
Johnsville t-shirts: Lisa Babineau- will be taking bids for printing the shirts next year
PTO Facebook page – Brandy Doyle-
SAC – Brandy Doyle- Talked about the achievement gap lessening between white students and students of color. Anoka Hennepin recognized for work we do to lessen this gap. Question asked of Johnsville: is there an achievement gap here? Answer is no because the population of students of color isn’t big enough
Science Fair: Kim Keller-
School Directory – few extra copies in the office
Yearbook: Julie Bryant –
Old Business:
New Business:
New website for the district will be up and running this summer
4th grade is asking for $100 for groceries to make green eggs and ham. Angie Anderson made the motion to grant the request and Sherry Hamann seconded. Motion passed.
Extra signatures were needed on the check for Heggie’s Pizza since there was only one signature. This is because of the updated bylaws that state we need 2 signatures on checks. A motion was made by Gina Housman Nieder and seconded by Sherry Hamann to proceed with this. Motion passed
Another lyseum coming this spring

Meeting adjourned 7:30pm. Respectfully submitted, Maren Schultz, Secretary