Our Core Beliefs at Compass Programs

  • Compass Programs help meet the unique learning and behavior needs of students from across our district. The goals of the programs are to facilitate students’ academic progress, to provide support and guidance, and to increase students’ social-emotional skills to help set them up for success.

    For more information about any of the Compass Programs, contact our main office at 763-506-3200.

    All Compass Programs engage in restorative practices. We believe in teaching community building and conflict resolution in a restorative format.

Behavior Learning Targets

  • Compass Programs has established behavior learning targets. They include:

    • Persevere in navigating systems
    • Advocate for myself
    • Own my emotions and take responsibility for my choices
    • Fully engaging with people and tasks
    • Communicate effectively with an open mind
    • Build and manage relationships

Compass Programs

  • Mid-Level Program

  • Compass Online

  • Teen Parenting Program

  • District Modified Learning Center

  • Homebound Program

  • Anthony Louis Program

  • CAPE Child Care Center