• The Destination Imagination program is for grades K-5. Teams are formed by grade level with a maximum of 7 team members. Grades K-2 are the Rising Stars, it is non-competitive, but they do attend the Tournament and present their Challenge. Teams begin forming and organizing in Oct/Nov and start meeting once a week, usually after school, until the tournament in March.

    The DI program asks teams to creatively solve two different kinds of challenges, each with its own purpose and educational focus. The tow challenges or components are called Team Challenges and the Instant Challenge. Teams present their solutions to both Challenges at a tournament where the solutions are evaluated by friendly people called "Appraisers". For more information check out www.IDODI.org or www.MNDI.org. If you are interested in being a DI leader at Jefferson Elementary, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 763-506-2930.