Spring Musical - March 26-28

    We are looking for many volunteers to help with our Spring Musical, "Annie", on March 26-28. Help is needed with admission sales, star sales (instead of flowers) and concessions. During the evening performances, volunteers are needed to help with admission sales, concession sales, and star sales. Guests are able to purchase gold stars and write well wishes to performers, which will be put on display. Volunteers will receive free admission to the play.


    Spring Student Pictures - April 1
    Spring Pictures is scheduled for April 1st. We are looking for volunteers to assist with picture day to keep the event running smoothly. Volunteers will direct students, collect picture packets and keep lines moving smoothly.

    Spring BOGO Book Fair - April 27- May 1


    Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

    AVID Guest Speaker
    Do you have a career that you are passionate about and would like to share your career experience with our AVID students as a guest speaker?  What is AVID?  Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program that targets traditionally underserved students and prepares them for success in high school, college, and their future career.  AVID is looking for speakers running throughout the school year.  Fridays are the best day for speakers.  The seventh grade AVID students meet from 1:29-2:15 pm.  The eighth grade AVID students meet from 12:37-1:25 pm. Contact me, sara.evans@ahschools.us, if you are interested in being a guest speaker for AVID.
    Do You Love To Give?
    We are looking for individuals with a heart of giving and doing what they can to help our Northdale families. We often have families in need of items throughout the school year.  Our social worker knows of the needs that exist in our school. Our Volunteer Coordinator will send out a group email. If you can contribute, you would reply back to the coordinator.
    If you are interested in being on the list to help, please email sara.evans@ahschools.us

    Sara Evans

    Volunteer Services Coordinator

    Northdale Middle School