• Viktor's Pantry at NMS

    nms food shelf
    Viktor's Pantry is a food shelf and clothing closet accessible by any of NMS’s families who have basic food, clothing, and household item needs.
    To donate to Viktor's Pantry, drop donations off in the main office. Cash donations and gift cards (grocery, gas, etc.) are also needed and accepted. Checks can be made to "AHEF" with "Viktor's Pantry" in the memo line.
    The following are our highest need items:


    *Pasta Sides, Rice Sides, or similar easy to make meal items
    *Snack foods (pudding cups, fruit cups, chips, crackers, etc. Single serving sizes are convenient!)
    *Canned or other nonperishable fruit 
    *Canned tuna, chicken breast, or other canned meat 
    **Please note: we do have to check expiration dates. Any food beyond its "best by" date cannot be used in our pantry. Please take a moment to check expiration dates on items before donating. Thanks! 


    **Please note: we do have to check expiration dates - toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and others have expiration dates. Any item beyond its "best by" date will be thrown away. Thanks! 


    *Paper towels
    *Gently-used backpacks or string bags 


    Thank you to everyone who has donated clothing items to Northdale Middle School! Currently, we are only accepting donations for leggings and teen size shoes. We are transitioning into collecting only food items. Please do not bring any other clothing items to Viktor's Pantry at Northdale.
    If you have clothing items to donate please consider these local agencies: 



    *New Backpacks 
    *Mechanical Pencils