• Coon Rapids cluster

    The maps below show the elementary and middle schools in the Coon Rapids cluster. The outlines represent the current attendance boundaries. The shaded spots represent the approved and formerly proposed attendance boundaries for 2019-20. Residents are able to add their address and determine attendance boundary areas by using the magnifying glass icon in the upper left hand portion of the Google map.


    These boundaries were approved by the School Board on Sept. 24, 2018, following seven months of community feedback and review. Board policy directs attedance boundaries that will remain unchanged for a minimum of five years at the elementary level and ten years at the middle school level.  


    At the elementary level, a little less than 600 students will be moved to new schools. The majority of movement will be Eisenhower Elementary School students moving to University Avenue and Jefferson elementary schools. Some students will also move from Hamilton to Adams and Adams to Hamilton, as well as Sand Creek to Morris Bye, and Eisenhower to University Avenue and Jefferson.


    At the middle school level, Coon Rapids Middle School will only feed Coon Rapids High School. That means moving 500 students from Northdale to Coon Rapids Middle School, and about 300-450 students from Roosevelt Middle School to Northdale. 


    High school boundaries are not changing in the Coon Rapids cluster. 

    Some elementary schools are part of both Coon Rapids and Blaine clusters, which means students from those schools are set to attend two different high schools. For example, a portion of the students from Sand Creek will attend Coon Rapids High School and a portion will attend Blaine High School.