Fundraising at Wilson

  • Periodically throughout the school year, Wilson's PTCO will sponsor fundraising events. These events help support our students and programs at our school. Our main focus of fundraising this year has been to raise money to replace our current outdated laptops that are used by all students.

    Our main fundraiser has been Club's Choice. Box Tops for Education, Campell's Labels, USAgain and xxxx are collected during the entire school year.

    We appreciate the support we receive from our families, staff and community.

    A GREAT OPPORTUNITY! You can help Wilsom obtain equipment and supplies to benefit its students and educational programs without making a contribution or changing your buying habits. Just save the proof of purchases from products that you already use and turn them in to Wilson.

    Wilson currently participates in several programs in which proof of purchases can be used to obtain equipment directly or to raise cash to purchase equipment. They are:


    CAMPBELL'S LABELS FOR EDUCATION- UPC's from products including Campbell's soups, Swanson broths and poultry, Franco-American gravies and pasta, Presto pasta and sauces, V8 juices, Pepperidge Farm products as well as lids from 48oz. and larger Prego pasta sauces, Campbell's Ready to Serve Soups in jars, and Pace products.


    GENERAL MILLS BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION- specially marked box tops from a wide array of Betty Crocker, Lloyd's, Yoplait, Big G, Green Giant, Pillsbury and Progresso Soup products. Each box top logo is worth 10 cents to Lincoln.

    Credits can also be earned by registering to have Betty Crocker Catalog purchases earn credits at or phoning 763-764-2212 between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. (M-F).


    In addition, you can register at to have purchases at a wide array of participation web sites earn credits.


    LAND O LAKES, MILK MOOLA, and FOREMOST KIDS, CAPS, & CASH-bottle caps and proofs of purchase from specially marked milk products. These are worth 5 cents each to Wilson.


    If you use products that are a part of any of these programs, please help our student programs by saving the required items and turn them into our school. Proofs of purchase can be submitted to your student's classroom or to the office for PTO. Thank you for your support!