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    First name Last name Location Title Email address Phone number Department
    Lois Andringa STEP HS School Office Supervisor Lois.Andringa@ahschools.us (763) 433-4002
    Lori Angelo STEP HS Job Coach Lori.Angelo@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    Sean Beggin STEP HS Asst Principal Alternative Sean.Beggin@ahschools.us (763) 433-4021
    Carrie Brunn STEP HS Job Coach Carrie.Brunn@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    Theron Busse STEP HS Teacher Automotive Theron.Busse@ahschools.us (763) 433-4046
    Jayne Chisholm-Macklin STEP HS Secretary Jayne.ChisholmMacklin@ahschools.us (763) 433-4009
    Joshua Clausen STEP HS Teacher Career-Technical Joshua.Clausen@ahschools.us (763) 433-4045
    Barbara Diemer STEP HS Teacher SLD Barbara.Diemer@ahschools.us (763) 433-4081
    Ann Dublin STEP HS Teacher EMT Ann.Dublin@ahschools.us (763) 433-4075
    Karen Fowler STEP HS Job Coach Karen.Fowler@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    Michelle Gauslin STEP HS Teacher Work Exp Hndicp Michelle.Gauslin@ahschools.us (763) 433-4035
    Carter Gerlach STEP HS Teacher Career-Technical Carter.Gerlach@ahschools.us (763) 433-4086
    Kaily Goehring STEP HS Teacher TIER I-Health Careers Kaily.Goehring@ahschools.us (763) 433-4041
    Peter Groebner STEP HS Teacher Aviation Occup Peter.Groebner@ahschools.us (763) 433-4033
    Melanie Hankins STEP HS Teacher Counselor Melanie.Hankins@ahschools.us (763) 433-4036
    Jessica Hemmerich STEP HS Teacher Health Careers Jessica.Hemmerich@ahschools.us (763) 433-4068
    Kyle Hemmerich STEP HS Teacher Career-Technical Kyle.Hemmerich@ahschools.us (763) 433-4054
    Heather Henry STEP HS Teacher Career-Technical Heather.Henry@ahschools.us (763) 433-4034
    Michael Hilber STEP HS Teacher Industrial Tech Michael.Hilber@ahschools.us (763) 433-4071
    Michael Hornung STEP HS Para Secondary Michael.Hornung@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    Cory Hubble STEP HS Teacher Health Careers Cory.Hubble@ahschools.us (763) 433-4067
    Cheryl Jacobs STEP HS Job Coach Cheryl.Jacobs@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    RichardR Jones STEP HS Job Coach RichardR.Jones@ahschools.us (763) 433-4000
    Greg Kapitzke STEP HS Teacher Industrial Tech Greg.Kapitzke@ahschools.us (763) 433-4057
    Jane Korpela STEP HS Job Coach Supervisor Jane.Korpela@ahschools.us (763) 433-4044
    Brian LaMotte STEP HS Teacher Career-Technical Brian.LaMotte@ahschools.us (763) 433-4049
    Jared Larson STEP HS Teacher Academic Support Jared.Larson@ahschools.us (763) 433-4059
    Heidi Lemke STEP HS Para Technology Heidi.Lemke@ahschools.us (763) 433-4073
    Jessica Lipa STEP HS Director Career and Tech Ed Jessica.Lipa@ahschools.us (763) 433-4001
    Angela Lyman STEP HS Teacher TIER I-Career and Technical Angela.Lyman@ahschools.us (763) 433-4053