Hello! My name is Melissa Upton.  I have been teaching a variety of Medical Careers classes at STEP since 2008.   I am a registered nurse with a varied background in health care including neonatal intensive care, acute care/trauma, long term care, management, infection control and staff development.  I was also a medical social worker at a large hospital and specialized in working with cardiac and transplant patients. 
    I primarily teach the Nursing Assistant course here at STEP.  The Nursing Assistant class is designed to prepare students to become Nursing Assistants and/or entry level healthcare workers.  Students work in the classroom, lab and clinical setting to gain crucial skills and knowledge that is necessary in the healthcare industry of today.  Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and will continue to be one of the most popular and necessary careers.  
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    Melissa Upton
    Medical Careers -- Nursing Assistant
    Secondary Technical Education Program
    1353 West Highway 10
    Anoka, MN  55303 
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      Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant 
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     Period 4 & 5 Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant