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Compass program and Northdale Middle School AVID students participate in financial literacy simulation

Students participating in the Mad City Money financial literacy simulation at Compass(05/03/2024) Students enrolled in the district’s Compass and Northdale Middle School’s AVID  programs recently participated in a financial literacy simulation where students experience a hands-on approach to learning about personal finance management. 

Students were given a “new identity” for the day, which included information about their job, family size, income and debt. Next, students visited nine stations to purchase real life necessities, such as a residence, mode of transportation, food, clothing, home items, and more. 

The next and most important task students faced was building a budget based on their income and debt. They set up savings accounts and deposited funds for emergencies and future savings with the goal of having up to $100 in their account after purchasing all of their necessary supplies.

Each of the nine stations were staffed by volunteers or family and friends of staff members from Compass.

“We are not sure who enjoyed the experience more, the students or the volunteers,” said Erica Dahlin, assistant principal for the Compass program. “Our students took on the roles and responsibilities of their characters seriously and asked real-life questions of our volunteers during the exercise.” 

Students were faced with real-life situations and walked away with a better understanding of decision-making and financial responsibility.