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Update 24: trimester two to start in distance learning for all students

(11/24/2020) Thank you for all you’re doing to keep your students connected to our schools. Your continued hard work and flexibility is truly making a difference in this challenging time. Please make sure to take the time to rest and reenergize this Thanksgiving weekend, and stay safe and healthy.

This week’s updates include: 

  • Trimester two to start in distance learning. 
  • Calendar reminders.
  • Confirmed with COVID-19? Please contact the school nurse.
  • Community Education enrichment classes continue; temporary closure on recreational activities.
  • Communication protocols follow a system: principals/leaders, all-staff, community. 

Continue to refer to for the latest information. 

Trimester two to continue in the distance learning format

In October, the school district made a commitment to let families know about the learning format for trimester two by Nov. 24.  Based on the fact that elementary, middle and high school students are currently in distance learning, the decision has been made that Anoka-Hennepin Schools will begin trimester two in the distance learning format for all students preK-12. The trimester begins on Dec. 8. The decision is in alignment with the MN Safe Learning Plan regarding concentrations of COVID-19 positive cases in the community along with projected trends. The impact of COVID-19 on teachers and support staff employees is also a factor in the decision. 


State and county public health officials and the Anoka-Hennepin COVID-19 Data Advisory Team recommend that district students remain in distance learning under these conditions to protect public health. An executive order limiting in-person athletics and co-curricular activities also remains in effect through Dec. 18. Note that many student activities in middle and high schools are still continuing virtually.  

The MN Safe Learning Plan directs schools to consider distance learning at the elementary level when the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases exceeds 50 per 10,000 within the county (or counties) and 30 per 10,000 at the middle and high school levels. Local data is also a consideration the state recommends, and local district data shows that confirmed employee COVID-19 cases exceed 50 per 10,000. Review both county and school information on the Anoka-Hennepin COVID-19 Data Tracker


The district is prioritizing options to bring select students back for in-person learning during the time that schools are in distance learning. This could include bringing middle and high school students that struggle with distance learning back into school as soon as early December. In addition, the district is considering options to bring preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade students back into school, possibly before other students would be allowed back in person through the hybrid model. An update on these options will be provided in December. 


Thank you for your support and understanding. Please review additional information on the Anoka-Hennepin COVID-19 plan at  

Calendar reminders

Anoka-Hennepin students will not attend school Nov. 25 to 27 for the Thanksgiving break. Trimester one ends on Friday, Dec. 4 and students will not attend school on Monday, Dec. 7 or Monday, Dec. 14. Review district calendars online at

Confirmed with COVID-19? Please contact the school nurse 

As students transition to distance learning and staff members teach from remote locations, the need to monitor positive cases of COVID-19 within the school community continues. 

Parents/guardians who have students with confirmed cases of COVID-19 are asked to contact the school nurse. This information helps with school planning and ensuring health and safety within the school community. On site staff are also still required to report to school nurses when they’re placed on quarantine. This does not include students who are asked to quarantine due to exposure. 

Visit for additional information on Anoka-Hennepin’s COVID-19 plan. 

Community Education enrichment classes continue; temporary closure on recreational activities

Anoka-Hennepin Community Education has made program modifications to align with new state guidance released Nov. 19. A limited number of enrichment classes for youth will continue to be offered, following health and safety recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Sports and athletic activities including aquatics and community use of school facilities have been placed on a statewide closure through Dec. 18. Executive Order 20-99 prohibits recreational practices, group workouts, games, tournaments and competitions. 

Community Education recognizes the importance of staying active and connecting with others. Browse safe opportunities in our community, online at Programs are now offering online recreation and fitness opportunities for adults, and enrichment classes for all ages either online or in person. Make and take activity kits for students will also be available beginning in December. 

Communication protocols follow a system: principals/leaders, all-staff, community

Providing timely and accurate information is essential at all times, and particularly important for parents and guardians to navigate the issues surrounding school and COVID-19.  Since many community members expect that staff will be able to answer questions about these communications, the district shares these messages with leaders and staff first, then the community.  

Anoka-Hennepin Schools sends COVID-19 related updates via email and text to parents/guardians using the AHlert system. These updates are numbered and sent when information about learning model changes or other important announcements are necessary. The updates are translated in Spanish, Hmong, Arabic, Somali, Russian and Vietnamese for those who requested language translations through the My Student Information system via A-HConnect. Updates are also posted on school and district websites, Backpack Online e-newsletter the district Facebook page.

As the district moves to distance learning, the need for weekly district updates using these protocols are likely to decrease. Please continue to reference the district’s COVID-19 website, along with the Backpack Online e-newsletter and individual school e-newsletters for updates and information.